Wild Game, Deer Processing & Taxidermy Services

At Troy Foods Inc, we have been processing wild game since 1971. We accept wild game, in good condition, seasonally each year. Frozen, deboned meat is also accepted at most times throughout the year.

Deer Drop Off Hours:

Specific instructions are to be taken and followed:

All orders are customized based on how you want it processed.

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Our Deer Processing Services: Skinning, Caping, Processing, & Taxidermy

Whitetail Venison Processing Options Available:

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Our Taxidermy Services

Co-owner Marilyn Nihiser does all taxidermy services, Marilyn’s Taxidermy, using the Troy Foods location as a drop-off and pick-up location for all customers.  We know that you look forward to your annual meats and trophies. Let us handle it all by not only taking care of your fresh cut meats, but we will prepare your deer in the way you want it, ready to be hung.

We offer these services because we want it to be a smooth and one step process. You hunt your deer, bring it to us and we will take it from there! No need to bounce back and forth between shops and services when the team at Troy Foods Inc. can do it all!

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